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Welcome to Quanta Capital

Quanta Capital has been established to combine Commercial Litigation Funding alongside an innovative LegalTech ethos, to create a new modern approach to Litigation funding....

An Overview Of Quanta Capital

Quanta Capital has been established to combine Commercial Litigation Funding alongside an innovative LegalTech ethos, to create a new modern approach to Litigation funding.

Incorporated by a senior board at the top of their respective fields, Quanta’s innovative approach to this sector has been dubbed a ‘breath of fresh air’ where funding solutions are concerned.

Taking the base methodology of traditional Litigation Funding, while removing the commonly associated risks, Quanta’s quick to act ‘risk free’, tailored solutions allow a Law Firm to concentrate on what they do best, while allowing all parties to achieve the common goal of successfully settling a claim with the best possible outcome for all parties.


Innovative LegalTech Ethos

Quanta Capital ‘Finance Advance Packages’ provide exactly that, seeing a piece of Litigation as the asset and advancing capital based on the prospect of success and Quantum.

Most Law Firms and Lawyers thrive on practicing Law, not the business of law. The Quanta Capital approach allows Firms to focus on what they are good at and allow Quanta to provide a stress free commercial solution.

When a client approaches a Law Firm without the capibility of self funding and does not like the pay by the hour approach, deferring the cost of running the case, the net impact on the Law Firm is huge. The Firm’s issue with absorbing that risk is where Quanta Capital come in.

Traditional Litigation Funding?

Traditional Litigation Funding would have involved a ‘funder’ to agree a percentage portion of all legal costs associated with running a claim.

The funder would then agree an amount of money to assist in the running of the case and an agreed level of interest paid either monthly, or in some cases deferred to the backend of the case.

If the case was unsuccessful, then either the funder would in-fact lose the deployed capital and any possible interest that had accrued, or the Law Firm, as they deemed the case had a high prospect of success, would in fact be responsible for paying the ‘loan’ back to the funder.

As these ‘Loans’ are deemed as ‘Balance Sheet Lending’ the risk for both the Funder and the Law Firm is substantial, only the largest cases, with very high Quantum and recoverable costs end up being funded.

Historically, due to all of the above reasons, organisations within this space are global entities that will ‘cherry pick’ the extremely large Commercial Litigation cases where millions of pounds are ‘loaned’ on an individual case.

Off Balance Sheet Funding

The Quanta Way

Quanta Capital have entered the world of Litigation Funding with a range of “Off Balance Sheet” Advanced Lending products. Their market leading, innovative, solutions allow for greater assistance with less resistance lending.

Quanta blend their robust structure and key partners with their state-of-the-art LegalTech ethos enabling a quick, real-world approach across the Organisation.

The Quanta model allows for a wider catchment of cases, resulting in more cases being funded and much less exposure per individual case than previously seen in the UK Litigation funding arena.

At the heart of the organisation is our bespoke LegalTech, allowing for a large volume approach that simply would not have previously been possible.

The Quanta Model?

The Quanta model works with the perfect combination of Funder, Insurance, Approved Vetting Agent (AVA) and Law Firm.

Vetting the likely success and Quantum of a case at the outset minimises all parties risk, and enables the ability to ascertain a likely percentage of success. Once approved, utilising the perfect mix of insurance (S&P) including After the Event Insurance, will give Quanta the comfort to deploy an “Off Balance Sheet” advance to the firm, ‘de-risking' the entire litigation piece for both the client and the Law Firm.

When the case is successful, an interest rate plus a percentage of the success fee is to be recovered by Quanta and if in the unlikely event the case was to fail, the mix of insurance will take the responsibility to repay away from the client and the Law firm in question.

Approved Vetting Agent (AVA)

AVA is a term uniquely created by Quanta Capital to create a protective layer for all parties involved, Quanta have created a panel of external independent commercial Law firms and Barristers to ‘approve’ that a case has a high prospect of success, therefore providing comfort to both Quanta and the underwriters involved.

Every case must be signed off by an approved commercial Law Firm and if required, a second sign off from a Barrister/QC recognised within the specific field.

Client Criteria

• Over 18 years old
• Under 80 years old
• Never been bankrupt (certain allowances made)
• Over 2 years to limitation
• High prospect chance of success (AVA Allowed)
• A clear defendant
• Minimum claim value £200,000
• Worldwide options available

Qtex© and Qtex-Lite©

Quanta Capitals LegalTech system (Qtex© and Qtex-Lite©) allow for seamless integration between the Law Firm, Quanta Capital, the Insurer and the Approved Vetting Agent (AVA).

Allowing multiple cases to be vetted and approved or rejected on the grounds of criteria, insured and funded, without procrastination, is key to the scalability of the organisation and the Quanta client base.

With the release of Qtex-Lite© clients and partners will be able to access Qtex© in real time via the use of a Mobile Phone, iPad or Android Tablet.


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